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Boost sales and affiliate commissions by converting all your Amazon links into localized links that bring each shopper to the best Amazon store and product for their region in the world. Amazon Link Engine is trusted by thousands of Amazon associates who have been using it to maximize their revenue for years.

The Amazon Link Engine is a tool by Geniuslink. By signing up for Geniuslink and syncing the Amazon Link Engine to your Geniuslink account, you can also attach your Associates IDs to earn international affiliate commissions from your traffic.

Note: You are not required to have a Geniuslink account, to use this plugin. However, if you would like to earn international affiliate commissions, you must sign up for a Geniuslink Account. Try it out for free and check out pricing for the Geniuslink service on our website.

How does the Amazon Link Engine plugin work?

As soon as the plugin is installed, your Amazon links are instantly localized every time a user loads the page. Even if you add new links to your WordPress site, each will be automatically converted without any additional work from you. Nothing else is needed on your part.

How do I earn international commissions from my links?

To earn international affiliate commissions, you must create a Geniuslink account, and connect it to your plugin with your API keys (detailed instructions can be found in the FAQ).

Once signed up, add and manage your Associates IDs for each of the Amazon affiliate programs you’ve signed up for within the Geniuslink Dashboard. Once your IDs are added, the Amazon Link Engine will automatically add the correct Associates ID per country for each click.

  • Note: The Amazon Link Engine WordPress plugin is free to use and will always localize your links without a paid account. However, in order to earn international affiliate commissions and take advantage of the in-depth reporting, you must have a Geniuslink account. By default, Geniuslink’s Associates IDs will be used until you have connected your account and added your own via the Geniuslink Dashboard.

How is Geniuslink different?

Most link “localization” plugins only translate a link for an international click when the same product ID exists in both storefronts. However, oftentimes the same item in different storefronts has a completely different product ID, and even if the ID is the same, the product may be an overpriced “import” item or may never be in stock. The Amazon Link Engine and Geniuslink match on more than just the product ID to ensure every click gets to the best possible destination. So instead of sending your users to blank search results, we guarantee the best possible user experience.

In addition, connecting your Geniuslink account to the Amazon Link Engine, gives you access to comprehensive reporting on clicks and commissions that no other plugin can offer. These reports allow you to review your link’s performance across many metrics including product type, referrer, browser, device, operating system, destination storefront, and geography.

Is it safe to use this plugin and Geniuslink with the Amazon Associates program?


Geniuslink is safe to use with the Amazon Associate program, and has been trusted by thousands of Amazon associates for years.

Just be sure to follow the program guidelines and do not use your links to deceive your visitors.

Note that you can also enable our “on-click” method in the plugin advanced settings, which preserves your raw Amazon links until the moment they are clicked. Some users prefer this method because the Amazon Associates Program has additional guidelines for using “short links”, and by using this option your links are shown in their original form.

Key Features:

  • Pick which Geniuslink group this plugin syncs to. Setup the plugin on multiple WordPress sites and track clicks separately, or set up a specific group just for your WordPress site traffic. Instructions can be found under “How do I change the default group?” in the FAQ
  • Already have Affiliated links on your site? The ALE will now honor these existing Associates IDs within your links. You can also choose to overwrite them with the ID within your Geniuslink account if you prefer. Learn more under “Will the ALE honor existing Associates IDs?” in the FAQ
  • Automatic localization and translation of all Amazon product links based off a visitor’s location.
  • Maximize revenue by earning commissions from all of the Amazon Associates programs.
  • Brand your globalized links with your own custom domain. (Note: this requires a paid Geniuslink Account)
  • Simple, easy setup.
  • One time configuration. Simply install the plugin, set up your Geniuslink account, and connect the two with an API key. We take care of the rest.
  • No need to sign up for an Amazon Developer account or apply for any of Amazon’s APIs or web tools.
  • Your workflow remains the same. No need to learn a new linking syntax, or disrupt your current flow.

What makes the Amazon Link Engine different from other Affiliate WP plugins?

  • Most plugins for Amazon links simply try to match based on ASIN (product ID) across foreign storefronts. The Amazon Link Engine uses a patented algorithm to get your users to the best possible destination.
  • This in turn helps to both increase conversions and commissions, as well as improve the user experience for your audience.
  • Unrivaled support from the Geniuslink team.
  • No need to build links manually with a special link format. All of your Amazon links are automatically converted to localized links when the page loads.


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