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Add a classified ads section to your WordPress site, quickly and easily.
Lots of features, very configurable. Easy to setup. Great support.
We’re the #1 WordPress Classified Ads Plugin: 10+ years old and over 10,000 active sites

NEW module(s): Stripe, PayFast and ZIP Search


Ad Features

1. Search classifieds by city, state, country, username, or keyword
2. Allow AdSense ads to be displayed
3. Control over HTML use in classifieds
4. Limit the text size of ad postings
5. Standard form fields can be enabled or disabled,
   depending on your needs (title, website, name, country, etc)
6. Allow or disallow image posting with ads
7. Automatic expiration of ads (free or paid)
8. Configurable ad display for AdSense placement
9. Classified ads can have a "Tweet This" button in their layout
10. Classified ads can have a "Share on Facebook" button in their layout
11. Classified ads can be flagged by community for bad/offensive content
12. Classified ads can imported via CSV files
13. Classified ads now support embedded videos
14. Classified ads can have character limits, supported by plans (different plans can have different limits)
15. Classified ads can be displayed on any page for a single category using shortcodes
16. Auto-verify ads with email links to post immediately upon click
17. Classified ads can be 'Sent to Facebook' inside of ad management
18. Support for displaying ad events in BuddyPress activity stream with [BuddyPress module](
19. Classified ads can be edited via front end, back end with or without registration (depending on settings)
20. Multiple levels of categories supported

Notification Features

1. Allow posters to be notified of expiring ads, renewals, and approvals of ads
2. Allow admin to be notified when new ads are posted, ads are edited and much more
3. Classified ad users can contact the ad poster without exposing
   the poster's email (blind email system, similar to Craigslist)
4. Admin can (optionally) be notified of expiring ads

Payment Features

1. Allows for paid or free classifieds
2. Supports PayPal, PayPal Pro,, PayFast, Stripe and 2Checkout for paid ads
3. Allow for image posting limits higher than free ads
4. Multiple fee scales for posting ads (allows you to have longer ad
   postings with higher fees)
5. Variable ad expiration lengths connected to fee scale
   (e.g. allow ads  to run for 30 days for $10, 60 days for $15, etc)
6. Supports a "credit system" or pay with regular currency per ad.  Mix
   and match if you want.
7. Support for ad "subscriptions" (packages of ads for a single price)

Ad Posting Controls

1. Allow admin to approve ads prior to posting
2. Allow admin to approve images prior to posting
3. Users can edit or delete their own classifieds
4. Admin can edit or delete all ads in the system
5. Secure system gives users a unique editing key to administer
   their own ads
6. Allows for limiting image posting (by image size, height,
   width and total count if desired)
7. Anti-spam checks for all ads posted via Akismet.
8. Flagged ads can be viewed separately to determine violations, and
   then deleted or unflagged.
9. Ad Management panel, visible by users and admins for easier
   ad creation/editing/delete.
10. Admin can post ads on behalf of other users with the ads displaying as
    if the user posted them initially
11. Email verification step can be used to auto-post ads upon successful
    verification link click
12. Ads can be posted to a Facebook page manually or automatically

Image Features

1. Allow image posting or shut it off completely
2. Control the number, filesize, height and width of images posted
3. Allow for different numbers of images to be posted with
   paid ads vs. free ads
4. Allow for image approval prior to posting
5. Allow users to have a primary image for their ad
6. Now supports multi-image asynchronous loading

Premium Modules (Add on modules, not included with free plugin)

1. Category Icons (adds small icons to give visual cues to
   your user for each category in AWPCP)
2. Extra Fields (allows you to add any custom fields for display.
   For example, if you have a pet-related board, you might have
   "Sex", "Breed", and "Dam/Sire" as additional fields you require for display)
   Now supports search and custom ordering of fields.
3. Regions Control (allows you to restrict viewing of ads based on
   locale, so users don't see items they aren't physically near them,
   also allows customization of the region types, such as
   village, borough, etc)
4. PayPal Pro Support (allows you to have an embedded payment
    form on your site for use with PayPal Pro accounts)
5. RSS Feeds (allows you syndicate your classifieds for your users to
   download in their favorite RSS reader and come back to your site
   more often!)
6. Featured Ads (allows you to promote certain ads over others by
   charging a fee for them, featured ads are displayed using CSS to
   highlight them.  Featured ads are always returned first in a category,
   the overall ad list, or in search results.  Also has a widget for
   placement anywhere on your site.  Full admin control of featured ads, too)
7. Fee Per Category (allows you to charge for certain categories
   and not others, giving you more freedom on how to configure your classified
   section.  Allows for multiple fee plans per category, as well as a default
   plan to cover "all other unspecified" categories)
8. Coupons/Discounts (allows you to offer coupon codes for ad
   promotions to your users, coupons can be a percent off, or a fixed amount,
   have expiration dates and be tracked by usage)
9. Subscriptions (allows power users to place blocks of ads at a time,
   great for real estate agents, car dealers, anyone who wants to place ads in
10. Comments/Ratings (allows users to rate ads and place comments
    on them.)
11. Payment Gateway (allows users to purchase ads,
    subscriptions and credit plans using
12. Attachments (allows users to attach PDFs, text files or other
    images to their classifieds (great for job boards!))
13. BuddyPress (allows users to manage their ads in the BuddyPress
    profile directly, see events from ad posting in the activity stream and more)
14. Mark as Sold (allows users to mark for sale items as sold to keep content
    in your classifieds, but clarify availability)
15. Restricted Categories (restrict content from users unless they accept a disclaimer from your site.)
16. Ad Campaign Manager (put your own advertisements into the classifieds in 5 different positions)
17. Stripe Gateway (accept payments via Stripe for AWPCP ads)
18. PayFast Gateway (accept payments via PayFast for South Africa (ZAR) for AWPCP ads)
19. ZIP Search Module (search for ads that have address fields within a radius of a postal code)

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