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The App Store Assistant WordPress plugin displays a list of iOS Apps, Mac apps or iTunes content from an RSS feed ( or the detail for iPhone/iPod Apps, Mac Apps, iPad Apps, Songs, Albums, Movies, Short Films, TV Episodes, or Seasons and Music Videos via the item’s ID. optionally it will also converts the items’s link to use your affiliate program. It now also allows items from to be displayed. Demo at or

Built-in search for automated Post creation.

When upgrading to a new version of the plug-in, it is recommend that you rebuild the cache. There is an option in the Utilities tab that will do this for you.


  • Find an App or iTunes item fast with the “New ASA Post” button in the Admin area
    • Auto-creates new POST or Shortcode
    • Adds item Title
    • Choose from Draft, Publish or Pending
    • Auto creates Featured Image from app icon or item images
    • Adds items Categories to Post
    • Can auto create Categories based on App or items Categories
  • Displays detailed item information or links
    • Apple App Store
    • Mac App Store
    • iTunes Store
      • Songs
      • Albums
      • Podcasts
      • Movies
      • Short Films
      • TV Episodes or Seasons
      • Music Videos
  • Arrange the order of App elements via drag and drop
  • You can now display individual item elements via new shortcode
  • Display an item’s icon and short description in RSS/ATOM feed
  • Multi-country support
  • I18n aka Localization is supported via POT file
  • Earn Money with Affiliate Programs
    • PHG
    • TradeDoubler
    • Amazon Affiliates
  • Customizable
    • Choose from different Star rating colors
    • Button colors and style
    • Choose which detail elements to display and their order
    • Adjust App Icon image size
    • Elements can be displayed in an Accordion (show/hide)
  • Cache detail and images locally for quicker page load times
  • Remove the whole cache or individual items
  • Widget to show ATOM/RSS Feed of Apps
  • Use custom Excerpts or let App Store Assistant auto-create an excerpt
  • Tested with over 300 Themes
  • Screenshot Lightbox support
  • wp-o-matic plugin support

There is now a built-in quick search function. It searches for iTunes items or iOS/Mac apps. Displays the shortcode already filled out, and with the click of a button, creates a new POST already titled with the appropriate shortcode already entered.

You can also Donate to fund the development of this plugin at TheiPhoneAppsList Donate

Please let us know of any features you would like added or bugs that need squashing in the WordPress forums

REQUIRES PHP 5.4 or later

Available Shortcodes

  • [asa_item]: Displays a single iOS app, Mac app or item from the iTunes Store
  • [amazon_item]: Displays a single item from
  • [asaf_atomfeed]: Displays the items from the ATOm feed in a formatted view with the modes iOS, Mac or iTunes
  • [asa_list]: Displays Several iOS apps, Mac apps or iTunes items on a single page or post
  • [asa_link]: Displays a text only link to the iOS App, Mac app or iTunes Item
  • [amazon_item_link]: Displays a button or text only link to the Amazon Item with the modes text,button or textPrice]. The mode “textPrice” displays “Available from for” ending with price or “View on” if there is no price.”
  • [asa_elements] Displays one or more elements for an item

Full help for shortcodes is displayed in the settings area.

Feature Request List

  • Request: Have an ATOM feed auto create posts from app List
  • Request: iTunes breakout of elements
  • Request: Bulk import of Apps [Thanks TesterGP]
  • Request: Change file type to png if tiff supplied by app store WP_Image_Editor
  • Request: Random Post generator (randomly picks an app that you don’t already have a post for) [Thanks AslanDoma]
  • Request: Shortcode tags can now override the Store/Language chosen [Thanks crisf86]
  • Request: Sped up Reset of Featured Images (Using log system)
  • Request: All images now saved as png
  • Request: Reset Featured Images now saves to log
  • Request: Plugin checks the app in all stores for availability and then generates the box with flags. Each flag is a button and a link to the app. Of course links is set for affiliate programs. [Thanks Aslan Guseinov]
  • Request: Option to search for Apps no longer available and change post to “Pending Review”
  • Added: —————-Option to rebuild cache same method as FI Rebuild
  • Request: iBooks support [Thanks rnakoneshny]
  • Request: separate the elements of appDetails, ex. appVersion, appCreateBy, appReleaseDate, etc. [Thanks Jomasher]
  • Request: Add Tags with App/item name to post [Thanks iOSAppLists]
  • Added: iWatch search


The App Store Assistant can cache the data from your application in the WordPress database for a preset number of hours. App icons and screenshots are cached on your server.


This file is part of App Store Assistant.

App Store Assistant is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

App Store Assistant is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with App Store Assistant. If not, see


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14 Mar, 2012

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3.9.2 or higher

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The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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