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Appsila WooQuote plugin enables your customers send quote requests from your WooCommerce shop which will then be tracked in a full functional Appsila CRM backend provided with the plugin. When the plugin is activated, it simply adds a ‘Request a Quote’ button in single product and cart pages. In WooQuote, the usual behavior of customers are not changed. If customer wants to request a quote for more than one product, he can add the products into the cart as usual and simply click Request a Quote button. After clicking the button, if user logged into your shop, membership account information is automatically gathered and populated to the request form. Otherwise; the customer can fill in the form and writes the details of his request. If customer wants to send a quote request for only one product, he can use the Request a Quote button in single product page in just as the same way in the cart page.

One of the main difference of the Appsila WooQuote plugin when compared to the other similar plugins is that it provides not only a simple quote management, but also a full functional low-code CRM backend to your WooCommerce. With this backend application, you can track all the phases of your sales pipeline (i.e. lead in, contact made, proposal made, converted or lost), insert notes and activities, attach documents, manage your product information, your customers, tasks, calendar and reports.

When your potential customer makes a request on your shop, a new lead generated into your CRM, the requested products are transferred into CRM products module with its main data and finally a quote is automatically generated. You notice the new quote request via an email sent to you from Appsila. By clicking the link in the email, you can instantly log into the system and view the details of the quote. You can see the message of your customer and make discounts if you wish. When applied a discount, the system automatically connects to your WooCommerce site and creates a discount coupon. You can send email to your customer with a predefined email template attached with a quote document generated automatically in your company’s document format and logo. So all these issues occur just in a minute. You customer can easily apply the coupon you sent in the cart page and continue to checkout.

The responsive design of Appsila CRM, enables you to check quote requests via your mobile phone or tablet and send quote documents to your customers while you are in mobile.

The plugin also enables you to translate all the text labels displayed to your customers including the request a quote button text so that you can use it in any language you want.

The Appsila backend system is a magic software platform called hpaPaaS (high productivity application platform as a service) by Gartner. It enables you create your data model and customize all the system and reports without writing code. These systems are also called as low-code rapid application development platforms. The main features of the platform are given below:

Drag-N-Drop Modelling: This feature allows application modules to be designed by drag and drop method, 1:1, 1:N and N:M relationships between modules to be established, and interdependencies among module fields to be adjusted.

Microflows for Applications & Process Logic: This feature allows modelling business processes and enables to run the workflows according to specified business rules.

User Specific Views and Filters: This feature allows making searches among data available in the application according to numerous filtering criteria and compiling user specific list views.

Dynamic Dashboard and Reports: The dashboard on which basic statistical information and graphs related with the application are available. It provides an overview of data available as soon as the user logs in to the system.

Responsive UI for Web & Mobile: This feature allows the application developed to be viewed as desired on devices with different screen sizes such as mobile phones, tablet computers and the web.

Template Processing Engine: This feature allows creating professional outputs in Word and PDF formats by using the data fields in the system dynamically.

Fine-Grained Application Security: This feature allows the entire infrastructure of the system to function securely, defining access control according to roles and profiles, and making domain based authorizations.

API Manager: The extension, which allows retrieving all modules of the system via RESTful APIs and performing CRUD operations.

Official documentation of Appsila WooQuote Plugin

For a more detailed description of options and features of Appsila WooQuote plugin, please visit

3rd Party External Service

WooQuote uses our 3rd party middleware api located at to connect with Appsila CRM backend. There is a 2 way interaction between WooQuote Plugin on your site and the Appsila CRM:

  • From your Plugin to Appsila: We send quote request details to Appsila including customer information, quote request message and details of the products requested.

  • From Appsila to your WooCommerce: When a discount is applied in Appsila, we automatically creates a discount coupon in your woocommerce site using the woocommerce secret and customer keys entered in Subscription Settings Page.

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