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AsideShop is a WordPress plugin which allows you to show aside posts on your blog’s front page in a different way without theme template modification.


  • No need to edit and modify theme templates – use your own.
  • Easily create small templates within WordPress Administration Panel to display posts differently on the front page.
  • Templates can contain dozens of pre-defined tags to use for posts and comments (e.g. %posts_title%, %comments_count%, etc.).
  • Assign templates to categories which contain aside posts.
  • Testing mode lets you preview the changes on the front page before the world sees it.
  • No extra data is added to categories or posts – AsideShop minds its own settings.
  • Upon AsideShop deactivation, all your posts are displayed as regular posts. Non-destructively.
  • Works fine with text filters (Markdown, Textiler), caching plugins (WP_Cache, WP_Super_Cache) and other plugins.
  • May not work with plugins and themes which use The Loop in uncommon way.

AsideShop is primarily intended to use with aside posts but you can use it to have posts parsed differently according to the categories the posts are placed in.

ChangeLog is available on the Other Notes tab.



  1. Fixed a bug which caused a disappearance of post tags if %post_tags% tag was used in AsideShop template. (Credit goes to tquizzle for pointing this out.)

  2. You should not upgrade to AsideShop 1.2 if you are using WordPress 2.2.


  1. Fixed a bug which causes endless loop on certain WordPress 2.8 and 2.9 systems. Now uses the_post hook instead of WP_Query override. (For WordPress 2.7 and earlier versions WP_Query override is still used but I will drop support for these versions in near future.)
  2. Credit goes to Chris McLaren for his work on making AsideShop on WordPress 2.8 and 2.9 systems possible.


  1. Tested with WordPress 2.8 and 2.9.


  1. Bug fixed which caused checkboxes on settings page check and uncheck in unintended matter.
  2. Tested with WordPress 2.7 beta1.


  1. Added Search View option to enable/disable aside post parsing in search result pages.
  2. Added new tag – %post_date_regular% to display post date on every aside post not just the lastest one in particular day.


  1. Checked compatibility with WordPress 2.6.
  2. Fixed a bug when AsideShop shows an error if installed on a fresh WordPress installation.
  3. When installed on a fresh WordPress installation, ‘parse on Front Page’ option is selected by default.


  1. Added new tags %post_categories% and %post_tags% to display categories and tags of aside posts. Multiple categories or tags will be separated by commas. (%post_tags% will only work with WordPress 2.3 and later releases.)
  2. Added Italian translation by Gianni Diurno.
  3. Spanish translation files were renamed from asideshop-es to asideshop-es_ES. This should work with common Spanish translations.


  1. Added options to choose whether templates should be parsed on front, category, tag, date, author, archive view pages.
  2. Default template is offered upon adding new template.
  3. Added Spanish translation by Marcelo Lynch.


  1. Settings panel has WordPress 2.5 native looks.


If you wish to translate AsideShop, use asideshop.pot file which is included in the download. E-mail me at miro [at] apollo [dot] lv and I will include your translation in future releases.

Known Issues

  • If AsideShop plugin is enabled, logged in user won’t see Edit This Post link as there is no such tag to use in templates.

  • If AsideShop plugin is enabled, templates created in WordPress Administration Panel have higher priority than those create in theme templates (using is_aside() function).

  • If text filter plugins are used (Textile, Markdown, etc), WordPress wraps the text in paragraph tags (<p>..</p>) while parsing. Therefore if you use %post_content_filtered% tag in AsideShop templates, the text will also be wrapped in paragraph tags.

  • If a post is placed in several categories and at least one category of these is selected as containing aside posts, the post will be displayed as an aside post according to the template which is assigned to the first category (in alphabetical order).

  • If you split aside post with <!--more--> tag, only the part before <!--more--> is displayed with %post_content% and %post_content_filtered% tags.


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20 Feb, 2008

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2.3 or higher

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The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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