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Simple, efficient, ad- and bloatfree plugin for testing whether or not a given server address is up for just you, or everyone else on a given port and protocol.
Servers & services are checked in real-time whenever a user requests to view the page where the shortcode is inserted.

Intuitive interface, makes is really easy to maintain servers & services to check.

You have the ability to filter/hook the message displayed to the user through functions.php in your theme folder.

add_filter( "atr_server_success_message", function($message, $server) {
    return $server->humanname." appears to be working alrstight.";
}, 10, 2);

add_filter( "atr_server_error_message", function($message, $server) {
    return $server->humanname." is down.";
}, 10, 2);

You can also use the filter “atr_perm_administer_servers” to alter the permission being used to check access rights.

add_filter( "atr_perm_administer_servers", function( $permission ) {
    $permission = "editor";
    return $permission;
} );

Shortcode Examples

Displays all servers entered in wp-admin


Display server by certain id

[server-status id="X"]

Display servers by multiple id’s

[server-status id="X,X,X"]

Excludes certain posts from display, only works if ‘id’ is not set.

[server-status exclude="X"]


  • Supports most common protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS) (FTP is on the todo)
  • Define a human friendly readable name for display
  • Define hostname
  • Define port
  • Define timeout in seconds
  • Define protocol
  • Drag’n’drop ordering
  • Edit and delete servers/services
  • Shortcodes for checking one or more servers frontend
  • Simple, clear and well explained settings page
  • Filter available configurations
  • Settings page with various configrations to suit your needs
  • Possible to disable/enable servers and services
  • Includes a widget for displaying servers in sidebars

Is this plugin for you?

If you’re looking for a full fledged server monitoring tool, no. Consider using thirdparty software such as zabbix instead

Otherwise, if you just want to provide a service, for your users/visitors to check whether or not one or more of your servers is running healthy then yes, this is for you.

Feature requests

Think this plugin is missing a feature? I’ll gladly discuss any feature requests sent to me either through the wordpress support forums, or via my contact formular.

Keep in mind, features must be able to fit seamlessly with the core wordpress UI, and must not be intrusive, or considered adware.

Got a question?

If you have any questions not answered here, do feel free to send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer you within 48 hours.

Response time is usually faster if you send me a mail, instead of using the wordpress support forums.


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26 Mar, 2017

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4.0 or higher

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5.6 or higher



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