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Your search for the ideal ticket system plugin has come to an end. We offer a product that is not only easy-to-use but is constantly developing to help you meet your changing needs. We offer you the control, protection, and flexibility that you and your company desire and deserve. Give our product a try, and you will never want to try another ticket system plugins again.

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Friendly User Interface

B1st.Systems Ticketing comes in a Friendly User Interface.You will find it so easy to navigate and learn as you navigate through, without even the need to experiment with the help files.

Spam Detection & Prevention

B1st.Systems Ticketing prevents spam by using 2 layers of authentication.

  1. The first prevention layer by enabling reCAPTCHA to stop bot messages.
  2. The second layer by integrating A.kis.met, the best automated spam killer that actually gets better as it learns.

Virus Protection

B1st.Systems Ticketing makes use of OPSWAT Metascan API to scan any files attached to customers messages; thus ensuring it is clean and not infected by any virus or malware that may damage your server security.

Why Multi-Scanning? No single anti-malware engine is perfect 100% of the time. Using multiple engines to scan for threats allows you to take advantage of the strengths of each individual engine. Multiple Products. B1st.Systems Ticketing allows a customer to send his inquiry to the proper product department support team; thus, if you have multiple products, each message will be sent to the proper department.

Multiple Divisions & Departments

B1st.Systems Ticketing allows a customer to send his inquiry to the proper department, whether it is the sales, support, billing, affiliation, participation, or whatever department you define in the admin panel.

Uploads & Attachment

B1st.Systems Ticketing allows your customers to attach files to their messages.But do not worry; you are still safe thanks to OPSWAT Metascan API. These attachments will be scanned using 30+ online virus & malware engines. Rest assured, you are in the safe hands.

Messages Filter & Search

From a frontend perspective, messages can be delivered to special divisions and special products with a specific priority.
On the other hand, from a backend perspective, messages can be filtered by divisions, products, and priorities; even more, they can be searched by email and ticket number.

Multiple Admins Roles

B1st.Systems Ticketing allows you set up your admin roles. You can authorize who can close or delete messages, while allowing someone else to only close them, or you may not authorize him to close or delete messages, but just to reply to thmem.

Email Integration

No matter what your email provider is, B1st.Systems Ticketing will allow you to receive your emails directly to your PHP Ticket System message board.PHP Ticket System can be integrated to receive any Gmail account, Yahoo accounts, or AOL.

Even more, B1st.Systems Ticketing will prioritize your received messages according to their original priority when they were sent to your email account. As a double-spam protection, these messages will be scanned by A.Kis.Met API in addition to the detection methods used by your email provider, e.g.,Gmail. And finally, if these messages have any attachments, they will be scanned for any virus or malware by OPSWAT Metascan API.

Advanced FAQ system

Add as many questions as you like accompanied with their answers ans attach then to a specific product. Insert shortcode [B1st.SystemsFAQ] in any Post/Page to show the FAQ there.

When you have multiple products you can use the shortcode to show FAQs related to a specific product rather than all products using the filter parameter [B1st.SystemsFAQ product=”product-name”] where “product-name” is your product name.

Several FAQs Views

  1. Show All
    Insert shortcode [B1st.SystemsFAQ] in any Post/Page to show the FAQ there.
  2. Show FAQs for a Specific Product
    Insert shortcode [B1st.SystemsFAQ Product=”product-name”] in any Post/Page, where “product-name” is your product name.

Advanced Rating System

B1st.Systems Ticketing allows your users to rate customer replies using this advanced rating system accompanied with rich rating statistics for each admin.

Twitter Notification

B1st.Systems Ticketing integrates with Twitter API to send you message notifications using your twitter direct message; thus, you be aware of each new issue that comes to your message board.


B1st.Systems Ticketing can be configured to respond automatically to each message received on your message board; thus, customers make sure their messages are delivered to you. Additionally, you may leave them a message when they should receive a reply from you and your teams work hours & days off.

Several Styles

B1st.Systems Ticketing comes with 3 built-in styles for your frontend & backend in addition to the capability to create any new styles of yours with no limit. Initially it comes with 7 themes
1. default theme
2. Red theme
3. Blue theme
4. Green theme
5. Orange theme
6. Grey theme
7. Dark theme

Fully Customizable & Configurable

B1st.Systems Ticketing is fully customized.You can choose your themes & styles, define which fields to appear on a customer contact form, and which spam method to use. You can even define which color your reCATCHA will appear in. All this and more.That is why you should try it yourself.

Database Backup & Restore

Are you worried about your customers messages and what accidents may happen to your server. Do not worry, B1st.Systems Ticketing allows you to generate backup of your messages database, as many as you wish to, with a push of a button.

Elegant Message Board

Our B1st.Systems Ticketing’s message board has an easy to use interface. It shows a message meta-data, enables you to control message by replying to it, closing the issue, or even deleting it.

Globally Recognized Avatar

Show you and your customers grAvatar next to each message and their replies; that makes sense. Thus, you are a globally recognized avatar.

Message Statistics

B1st.Systems Ticketing gives you clear insight about your messages breakdown according to a messages state and its priority.

Multiple language Support

All text are included in only one .po language file which you can easily edit to translate the plugin in your locale. Even more you can define which language to use for the backend and which to offer to your users in the frontend. Initially it comes supporting 6 languages
1. English
2. Arabic
3. German
4. Spanish
5. Indian

You can add your language with ease.

Using The WordPress Dashboard

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  2. Search for ‘plugin-name’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

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  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select from your computer
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Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the plugin-name directory to your computer
  3. Upload the plugin-name directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


  • This is first release.


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