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bbP Topic Views keeps track of how many times each bbPress topic has been viewed, and then displays the count alongside the title or meta of the topic on forums pages, topic archive pages, tag pages and view pages.

The plugin is written in such a way that it does not double-count views when a visitor browses to a different page in the same topic. If no view count record exists for a specific topic, the plugin will create a record for it. Rather than setting the initial view count to zero, the plugin sets it to the number of posts in the topic, because it has obviously been viewed at least as many times as people have posted in it! This is especially nice for adding the plugin to existing bbPress forums so the view count isn’t zero for every single topic.

The plugin also offers you some functions, which you can call in your template to output the topic view count and some shortcodes which you can place in your posts to generate a topic table for most viewed topics (see Other Notes). As you might have guessed till now, there is also a view for the same.

This plugin is a fork of ck and wittmania’s bb Topic Views plugin for bbPress standalone. Many thanks to them!


  • [bbp-single-view id="btv-most-viewed"] to generate a topic table for most viewed topics.

Function Calls

  • $bbp->shortcodes->display_view( array( 'id' => 'btv-most-viewed' ) ); to generate a topic table for most viewed topics.
  • btv_topic_view_count( $topic_id ) or
  • btv_get_topic_view_count( $topic_id ) to output or retrieve the view counts for the supplied topic id (optional, if not passed, it is guessed by using the bbp_get_topic_id() function).

To add a view count column to front page, forum, and/or tags page tables, make the following modifications. Note: these apply to the default bbPress (TwentyTen) theme. If you are using a different theme, or a highly modified version of the default, your modifications may be slightly different. It is recommended if you make a child theme of your theme before following these steps so that when you upgrade bbPress or your theme, your changes are not lost.

  1. Go to Admin Section -> Settings -> Forums -> (scroll down to) bbP Topic Views and check the add nowhere option. This will prevent the view count from being added anywhere automatically.
  2. Open your-theme-name/bbpress/loop-topics.php. Around line 17, you would find:

    Replace it with:

Around line 71, you would find:

Replace it with:

You can rearrange the order of the columns if you’d like, just make sure you get them in the right order for each section.



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20 Aug, 2011

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WP 3.3 / bbPress 2.0 or higher

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WP 3.3.2 / bbPress 2.1

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