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Quick Access to bbPress Forums Resources – Time Saver!

This small and lightweight plugin just adds a lot bbPress 2.x related resources to your toolbar / admin bar. Also links to all setting/ tab pages of the plugin are added making life for forum administrators/ moderators a lot easier. So you might just switch from the fontend of your site to your ‘Forums’, ‘Topics’ or ‘Main Settings’ page or even plugin extensions etc.

General Features

  • The plugin is primarily intended towards forum admins and webmasters.
  • Support for all native bbPress 2.x plugin settings plus a huge list of supported plugins & themes out of the box (see below for full listing).
  • A massive list of resource & community links is included: support forums, videos/tutorials, code snippets, translations etc.
  • A special – fully conditional – “Manage Groups” group where plugins like hook in.
  • The added menu items added via my plugin follow the same user cabalities as their original links – in other words: if a link to a settings page is not displayed without my plugin for a certain user role/capability it won’t be when my plugin is active!
  • 5 action hooks included for hooking custom menu items in — for all main sections plus the resource group section (see FAQ section here for more info on that).
  • 10 additional icon colors included 🙂 (changeable via filters)
  • 7 filters included to change wording/tooltip and icon of the main item – for more info see FAQ section here
  • For custom “branding” or special needs a few sections like “Extensions” and “Resource links group” could be hidden from displaying via your active theme/child theme – for more info see FAQ section here
  • Fully internationalized! Real-life tested and developed with international users in mind! Also supports update-secure custom language file (if you need special wording…)
  • Fully Multisite compatible, you can also network-enable it – full support of Multisite specific stuff!
  • Fully WPML compatible!
  • Tested with WordPress versions 3.2-branch, 3.3.1, 3.3.2 and 3.4-beta releases – also in debug mode (no stuff there, ok? 🙂

Special Features

  • Not only supporting official bbPress 2.x sites, ALSO third-party and user links – so just the whole bbPress 2.x ecosystem 🙂
  • Link to downloadable German language packs – only displayed when German locales are active (de_DE, de_AT, de_CH, de_LU)
  • Link to official German bbPress forum – only displayed when German locales are active (de_DE, de_AT, de_CH, de_LU)
  • NOTE: I would be happy to add more language/locale specific resources and more useful third-party links – just contact me!

As the name suggests this plugin is intended towards forum admins/ webmasters and moderators. The new admin bar entries will only be displayed if the current user has the bbPress/ WordPress capability of moderate. (Note: I am open for suggestions here if this should maybe changed to a more suitable capability.)

Plugin Support

At this time my plugin out of the box supports also links to settings pages of some bbPress 2.x specific plugins:

Theme/Framework Support

At this time my plugin out of the box supports also links to settings pages of some bbPress specific/supporting themes or frameworks:

  • Theme Framework with child themes: “Genesis Framework” (premium, by StudioPress) via “bbPress Genesis Extend” plugin (free, by Jared Atchison)
  • Theme: “Skeleton” (free, by Simple Themes)
  • Theme: “Elbee Elgee” (free, by Doug Stewart)
  • Themes: “Fanwood” (free, by DevPress)
  • Theme Framework with child themes: “Infinity (Anti-) Framework” via “BP Template Pack” plugin (free/beta, by PressCrew)
  • Themes: “Gratitude” and “Buddies” (both premium, by Chris Paul/ZenThemes)
  • Theme: “WP Sharp” (premium, by PrimaThemes at ThemeForest)
  • Themes: “Propulsion”, “Angular”, “Choices” (all premium, by Kriesi at ThemeForest)
  • Your free or premium bbPress specific theme/framework? – Just contact me with specific data


Credit where credit is due: This plugin here is inspired and based on the work of Remkus de Vries @defries and his awesome “WooThemes Admin Bar Addition” plugin.

A plugin from and GenesisThemes


  • I am open for your suggestions and feedback – Thank you for using or trying out one of my plugins!
  • Drop me a line @deckerweb on Twitter
  • Follow me on my Facebook page
  • Or follow me on +David Decker on Google Plus 😉


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Enjoy using bbPress Admin Bar Addition? Please consider making a small donation to support the project’s continued development.


  • English – default, always included
  • German (de_DE): Deutsch – immer dabei! Download auch via
  • For custom and update-secure language files please upload them to /wp-content/languages/bbpress-admin-bar-addition/ (just create this folder) – This enables you to use fully custom translations that won’t be overridden on plugin updates. Also, complete custom English wording is possible with that, just use a language file like to achieve that (for creating one see the following tools).

Easy plugin translation platform with GlotPress tool: Translate “bbPress Admin Bar Addition”…

Note: All my plugins are internationalized/ translateable by default. This is very important for all users worldwide. So please contribute your language to the plugin to make it even more useful. For translating I recommend the awesome “Codestyling Localization” plugin and for validating the “Poedit Editor”, which works fine on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Additional Info

Idea Behind / Philosophy: Just a little leightweight plugin for all the bbPress Forum managers out there to make their daily forum admin life a bit easier. I’ll try to add more plugin/theme support if it makes some sense. So stay tuned :).



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The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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