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bbPress WP Tweaks replaces regular sidebar with forum specific “bbPress sidebar”. To setup forum specific sidebar you should first select correct forum wrapper file which has sidebar. Then select what action perform with existing sidebar: replace, prepend or append. Then select which sidebar to target with this action. You can also choose “none” option for target sidebar, in that case no bbPress sidebar will not be added to wordpress.
If nothing in forum sidebar then regular sidebar will be shown.
You can choose which forum wrapper template to use in plugin settings page or specify other custom wrapper file that exists in your theme.


  • bbPress specific sidebar instead of default blog sidebar.
  • Change default wrapper for forum pages
  • bbPress login links widget
  • bbPress users widget
  • Login and register links under forum
  • Show forum description
  • Forum related columns for users view in admin area

bbPress specific sidebar – you can use different sidebar on forum pages. You can choose which sidebar to replace, append or prepend to. Appending or prepending is useful if you only need to add couple forum related widgets. Custom sidebar will be used in all forum related pages including forum, topic, reply,and user profile pages.

default wrapper for forum pages – bbPRess uses wrapper file in your theme in this order: ‘bbpress.php’, ‘forum.php’, ‘page.php’, ‘single.php’, ‘index.php’. First existing template file will be used. You can choose which template file to check first. Most themes don’t have sidebar in ‘page.php’, ‘single.php’ files, if you choose them then no sidebar will be shown in forums. On the other hand most themes ‘index.php’ file always has sidebar. If you cannot see forum sidebar then change this value to index.php in plugin settings (settings -> bbPress WP Tweaks ) page. If your theme has other non standard template files like “page-fullwidth.php” for example then you can use it by selecting “custom” option and writing page-fullwidth.php in text input field. If that file exists then it will be used as forum wrapper.

bbPress login links widget – if you want to display login and register links instead of login form in your sidebar then use this widget. By default bbPress will not show login links to visitors if they want to post in forum. Use this widget instead of login form in your bbPress sidebar.

bbPress users widget – used to display users linking to their profile pages ordered by:
* most topics with count
* most replies with count
* recently active with time
* online users with time
* new users with registration time
* old users with registration time

Login and register links under forum – will add login and register links where “You must be logged in to create new topics.” and “You must be logged in to reply to this topic.” messages shown. By default you will see above mentioned messages with no login or register links. With this options selected you will see under those messages login links and will be redirected back to that topic or forum after logging in using those links. Login and register links can be customized with custom HTML code to match your website design.

Show forum description – By default forum description is shown only on where forums are listed, not in forum page. With this options enabled you will show forum description on Forum page, on sub forums, on topics, on replies. So user will know what this forum about. If it is a product forum then you can add product image, links or buttons to product page, pricing/purchase page etc. This will make navigation between product and forum a lot easier.

Forum related columns for users view in admin area – is must have feature to have for any forum administrator. With this option enabled you will have forum related sortable columns “number of topics”, “number of replies”, “registration date”, “last active date” in “Users” admin page. Topic and reply counts are linked to user profile pages. You can sort by those columns and see latest registered users or users with most topics. Each column seperately can be switched off using “Screen Options” inside users page.

Disable not used features of plugin – you can disable sidebar by selecting “none” as target sidebar. Disable widgets by unchecking relaed checkboxes in plugin options page. All other features also can be individually enabled or disabled in plugin options page.


Check out one of my sites’ bbPress forum page.

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