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Bring the power of BitTorrent to your blog in just a few clicks. BitTorrent My Blog automatically creates .torrent files for every part of your website. It automatically serves these torrents to BitTorrent-capable browsers. Even without a BitTorrent-capable Web browser, your visitors can download and share copies of your content over the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network. Your web site itself serves as the web seed for each new torrent.

Turn any webpage into a torrent

With the plugin installed, any web page on your site can be turned into a torrent by adding a webseed parameter to the URL. So, for instance, if your blog has a page at the address, then the torrent download for this page is:

If you do not use pretty permalinks, then you might have a similar page at an address like, in which case your torrent download for that page is located at:

See the plugin FAQ for more details on theming.

Visitors using a natively BitTorrent-capable browser (like Maelstrom), will automatically receive .torrent versions of your pages without any configuration needed.

Torrent anything in your WordPress Media Library

You can also create torrents out of any files or folders you have on your website with simple shortcodes. (Matching template tags are also available for theme designers.) For example, you have a big file called my-awesome-video.avi that you’d like to distribute as a torrent. When you upload it to your site, it’s available at so you can make a torrent out of it and get a URL pointing to the torrent with a shortcode that looks like this:

[wp_bittorrent_tag metainfo_file=""]Download my video as a torrent![/wp_bittorrent_tag]

This will create an HTML link like this:

<a href="">Download my video as a torrent!</a>

The matching template tag is <?php do_action('wp_bittorrent_metainfo_file', $url_to_torrent_seed);?> where $url_to_torrent_seed is a URL to the file you want to make into a torrent. For the above example, the complete template code would be:

<a href="<?php do_action('wp_bittorrent_metainfo_file', content_url('uploads/2015/01/my-awesome-video.avi'));?>">Download my video as a torrent!</a>

See the Other Notes tab for additional shortcodes and template tag information.

Add a torrent feed to your podcast with zero configuration

BitTorrent My Blog automatically detects enclosures in RSS2 feeds and creates a new feed that replaces the original direct download enclosure with a torrent metainfo file enclosure. In other words, if you already have a podcast feed for episodes of your show, such as, then simply installing this plugin will create another feed at, which is the same as the regular feed but using torrent downloads instead of direct downloads. It couldn’t get easier than that!

Why might you want to publish your site on BitTorrent?

  • If you have a particularly popular post, replacing it with a web seed to share over BitTorrent can dramatically reduce the load on your server. This is also extremely helpful for podcasts or other large-size periodicals.
  • If you regularly host controversial content likely to be censored or threatened with a copyright takedown notice, publishing a web seed and encouraging your visitors to re-share it over BitTorrent can be the difference between being silenced and being heard.
  • Today’s centralized architectures are a thing of the past. New Web browsers, like Project Maelstrom, that use BitTorrent by default are already being experiemented with. Stay on the cutting edge.

You don’t need to know anything about BitTorrent to use this plugin. Use the zero-configuration out of the box options or customize the generated torrents on the plugin options screen. (The default tracker addresses udp:// and udp:// are used for all generated torrents unless you set your own.)

New to BitTorrent?

Read this gentle introduction to BitTorrent that clarifies BitTorrent’s complexity in very simple language.

Want to try before you install? Download the previous link as a torrent!
If you like this plugin, please consider making a donation for your use of the plugin, purchasing one of Meitar’s web development books or, better yet, contributing directly to Meitar’s Cyberbusking fund. (Publishing royalties ain’t exactly the lucrative income it used to be, y’know?) Your support is appreciated!

Template tags and shortcodes

  • wp_bittorrent_metainfo_file – Creates a .torrent metainfo file and returns the URL to it. Parameters:
    • $seed (string) The seed for the torrent. Can be a URL, a local file, or a local folder.
    • $return (bool) Whether to return the URL to the torrent or to print it. (Default: false, prints it.)
    • Example: <?php do_action('wp_bittorrent_metainfo_file', content_url('uploads/my-awesome-video.avi'));?>
  • wp_bittorrent_magnet_uri – Creates a .torrent metainfo file and returns the magnet URI for it. Parameters:
    • $seed (string) The seed for the torrent. Can be a URL, a local file, or a local folder.
    • $return (bool) Whether to return the URL to the torrent or to print it. (Default: false, prints it.)
    • Example: <?php do_action('wp_bittorrent_magnet_uri', content_url('uploads/my-awesome-video.avi'));?>
  • wp_bittorrent_magnet_pointer – Creates a .torrent metainfo file and returns a magnet pointer to it. (Mostly useful for Project Maelstrom, at the moment.) Parameters:
    • $seed (string) The seed for the torrent. Can be a URL, a local file, or a local folder.
    • $return (bool) Whether to return the URL to the torrent or to print it. (Default: false, prints it.)
    • Example: <?php do_action('wp_bittorrent_magnet_pointer', content_url('uploads/my-awesome-video.avi'));?>

Each of the above template tags has a matching shortcode:

  • [wp_bittorrent_tag metainfo_file="SEED_URL"]
  • [wp_bittorrent_tag magnet_uri="SEED_URL"]
  • [wp_bittorrent_tag magnet_pointer="SEED_URL"]


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