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This plugin will not be updated for future versions of BuddyPress (1.3) – if you would like to take over this plugin, please contact me.!/etiviti/statuses/29550143485247489

Group Forum Extras v0.3.0 – requires BuddyPress v1.2.5

This plugin is a collection of sub-plugins for group forums.

This plugin package contains the following plugins:

  • Signatures (restrict what html tags can be used)
  • BBCode Lite (or option for Shortcode)
  • Ajaxed Quote
  • Group Forum and Topic RSS Feeds
  • Forum Index (and Widget)
  • Tag Index (and Widget)
  • Latest Topics Widget
  • Activity Stream Comments on Forum Posts
  • Topic Preview
  • Topic & Post CSS for user levels (group admin, group mod, banned, friend, follow, mine)

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Conflict Warning

If you experience a WSOD or fatal error using this plugin, please report the bug.

Extra Configuration

Ajaxed Quote Link

Include a reply box on all pages for ajaxed quote, remove this if statement in the same groups/single/forum/topic.php file

<?php if ( bp_get_the_topic_is_last_page() ) : ?>

(don’t forget about the corresponding <?php endif; ?> )

If your theme was not updated for 1.2.5 – then an action hook bp_group_forum_post_meta is missing from the topic template file. Please update your theme.

Activity on Topic Posts

edit the bp-default theme file: groups/single/forum/topic.php



<?php endwhile; ?>
</ul><!-- !-- #topic-post-list -->



<?php do_action( 'bp_forum_extras_add_after_post_content_li' ) ?>

<?php endwhile; ?>
</ul><!-- !-- #topic-post-list -->

Link the freshness time_since to the last post

edit /bp-default/forums/forums-loop.php


    <?php bp_the_topic_time_since_last_post() ?>


    <a href="<?php echo bp_forum_extras_topic_last_post_link( 15 ); ?>"><?php bp_the_topic_time_since_last_post() ?></a>

Note: 15 per_page is default for bp_has_forum_topic_posts – you may need to change this if you use a different per_page in the loop.

Add CSS highlights subplugin

You will need to add css definitions to your child/theme.

.highlightpost-admin .highlighttopic-admin .highlightpost-mod .highlighttopic-mod .highlightpost-banned .highlighttopic-banned .highlightpost-friend .highlighttopic-friend .highlightpost-follow .highlighttopic-follow .highlightpost-mine .highlighttopic-mine


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First Released

12 Mar, 2010

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Wordpress Version

PHP 5.2, WordPress 2.9.2, BuddyPress 1.2.5 or higher

Tested up to:

PHP 5.2.x, WordPress 3.0, BuddyPress 1.2.5.x

Require PHP Version:





The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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