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ByREV ( Robert Emilian Vicol )



This plugin offers the possibility of displaying a photo gallery on multiple pages / pagination gallery + Ajax, CDN, Caching, SEO

For custom configuration, change [gallery] from WordPress Post with [gallery pagination=”N”] , where N is number of images per page.
Example: [gallery link=”file” columns=”5″ pagination=”10″] –> will show only 10 images per page in 5 columns , respectively 2 rows. Images are directly linked (link=”file”)

ByREV Gallery Pagination Features:

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) Support – Ability to use multiple Mirror CDN servers for displaying images.
  • Caching Support for Gallery – Save resources & speed-up your website. Support for disk, mysql ar auto. For now just disk option is available. The plugin uses a specially developed script for erase cache (only manual), to avoid execution time limits in php.
  • Pagination via URL Query = Ability to set the pagination with pagination=N query in url – Example: http://yourblog.url/post/?pagination=4&page-album=1. Note: This option will override the options from the post via [gallery], from Wp Menu config and __DEFAULT_IMAGE_IN_PAGE constant defined in plugin files.
  • AJAX Gallery Loading. Made compatibility with: FancyBox – José Pardilla, Light Box – Hiroaki Miyashita, Simple Lightbox – Archetyped, Slimbox – Kevin Sylvestre, Slimbox plugin – Peppe Argento, Slimbox2 – Greg Yingling
  • “Quick Cache” plugin support – for the navigation pages to be cached
  • Fill the gaps (to complete gallery) in last row – If the number of images in gallery will not fill last row to the end, the gaps is filled with empty images.
  • Gallery title SEO / No Duplicate Title! (custom database query may not be compatible) – For best compatibility use : wp_title, the_title, the_permalink
  • Compatible with Simple Lightbox , Lightbox Gallery , FancyBox for WordPress , Slim Box and many others.
  • For a quick execution, configuration can be applied directly from the plugin file.
  • Paging menu item can be Top, Bottom or Both positions.
  • Ability to use a different css files
  • The ability to customize the CSS code with another class
  • Extended Pagination Style or Simple Next/Preview Pagination
  • Plug-n-Play – once activated, the plugin will make the necessary changes. No other changes are required in template.
  • 100% compatible with default wordpress gallery ( tested up to 3.1.3 )


  • Function byrev_gallery_shortcode is derived from function original wordpress gallery_shortcode located \wp-includes\media.php , WordPress Media Library.
  • All code from gallery_shortcode with certain exceptions (clearly marked with “byrev insert N {” ) belongs to the wordpress developers and community.
  • Code marked with “byrev insert N {” belong to the author of this plugin , Emilian Robert Vicol.
  • New canonical tag is not changed, is auto configured by wordpress.
  • Version 1.7.* is not fully tested, if any problems pls. leave a message !


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16 May, 2011

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3.0 or higher

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