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Extended version of the Genesis Tabs plugin from Studiopress. Make selected posts unique on the page. And more…


Extended version of the Genesis Tabs plugin from Studiopress ! Much of the credits go to them.

Credits: nathanrice, studiopress and Ron Rennick

Original plugin URL:


Note: This plugin only supports Genesis child themes.


This plugin is not endorsed or supported by Studiopress. See FAQ for support.

What is does

Genesis Tabs Extended extends the Featured Post widget to create a simple tabbed area. Now you can
also select if the selection is exclusive to the selected category (in this category only) per tab
and you can add additional categories that always have to be excluded, when doing a query on the
tabbed category

What’s the extra

The extra features in this plugin are:

  • Select every post to be unique on the presented web page
  • Exclude posts from being selected in any of the tabs

It basically adds the “show unique on page” feature, because it is also part of the Genesis Featured Post widget in the Genesis Theme (version 2).

How it works

Choose up to 8 categories to show

nothing new here

Don’t include posts from these categories

Let’s assume that a certain category is selected to be posted in the tab, but a selected post from this category is also in
one of the “Don’t include” categories, this post will be skipped.

This could be usefull if you have a category “headlines” and some post is in that category and in a category called “art” and
“headlines” is in the “Don’t include” selection here, that post would skipped if the category “art” is selected as one of the categories
for your tabs.

Don’t show the same post more than once.

Well that makes everything unique. But this is how it will work:

  • You selected for tab 1 category X, that has posts A, B
  • You selected for tab 2 category Y, that has posts A, B, C, D
  • You selected for tab 3 category Q, that has posts A, C, D
  • You selected for a non select category Z, that has post A, C
  • Tab 1 will show post B (for A is also in a non display category).
  • Tab 2 will show post D (for A is non display, B is in tab 1 and C is in non display)
  • Tab 3 will show nothing for there are no posts left to show

Select only posts with featured image?

When this option is selected only posts are selected that have a featured image. This option can be finetuned
a little further with the “This also counts for the latest post?” option. If you have set in the first tab your most
recent contribution (Option: Show most recent post in first tab ?), then you can exclude the featured image requirement
for that tab.


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