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Easily create or update lead, contact or any other object in Zoho crm when an entry is created in Gravity Forms. Learn more at

Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-on

Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-On Sends Gravity Forms entries to Zoho CRM.

Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Setup

  • Go to Gravity Forms -> Settings -> Zoho CRM then add new account.
  • Go to Gravity Forms -> select any form -> Settings -> Zoho CRM then create a new feed.
  • Map required Zoho CRM fields to Gravity Forms form fields.
  • Send your test entry to Zoho CRM.
  • Go to Gravity Forms -> select any form -> Settings -> Zoho CRM Logs and verify all previously sent entries.

Connect Zoho CRM account

Connect any gravity forms form to Zoho CRM by safe and secure Oauth 2.0. Also you can connect multiple Zoho CRM accounts to Gravity Forms.

Map Zoho CRM fields

Field mapping is easy. Select required Zoho Object(Contacts, Company, Order, account, case, Opportunity etc) , select a zoho field then select related Gravity Forms field.

Filter gravity forms entries

Filter gravity forms form entries sent to Zoho CRM based on user input. For example , only send contact form entry to Zoho CRM which contanin work email address.

Manually send to Zoho CRM

Automatically Send gravity forms entries to Zoho CRM when user submits a form. You can manually send gravity forms entries to Zoho CRM by clicking “Send to Zoho” button.

Zoho CRM logs

View a detailed log of each gravity forms entry whether sent (or not sent) to Zoho CRM and easily resend any gravity forms entry to Zoho CRM.

Send Data As Zoho CRM object Notes

Sometime you have form fields which can not be mapped to any zoho field. So you can send such gravity forms fields as Zoho CRM Object(contact, account, lead, case, deal etc) notes.

Error Reporting

If there is an error while sending data to Zoho CRM, an email containing the error details will be sent to the specified email address.

Create Or Update Contact in Zoho CRM

If a contact,lead,account already exists in Zoho CRM , update it otherwise create a new object in Zoho CRM.

Premium Version Features.

Following features are not available in Pro version only Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Plugin.

  • Custom modules of Zoho CRM, Custom fields and particularly Phone Number fields.
  • Add Lead or Contact to any Campaign.
  • Assign one Object to other. For example assigning a contact to a case
  • Assign Object(Contact, Lead etc) Owner to any Object in Zoho CRM.
  • When any user submits a form , you can track gclid, utm parameters and Geolocation.
  • Lookup lead’s email and phone number using popular email and phone lookup services when anyone submits a contact form.
  • 20+ premium addons

Why Gravity forms Zoho CRM add-on by CRM Perks

Gravity Forms has official Zoho crm addon which is good but it lacks some features like custom modules. Our Gravity forms Zoho CRM add-on has all features and uses latest version of Zoho API.

Free version of Gravity forms Zoho CRM add-on

Easily integrate Gravity Forms to Zoho CRM with this free Gravity Forms Zoho CRM add-on. You can Create/Update a contact, account, case, Opportunity or Order in Zoho CRM crm when any user submits a form.

Want to send Gravity Forms data to other crms

We have Premium Extensions for 20+ CRMs.View All CRM Extensions


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