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Trapped over deciding what could you can gift your customers, employees, relatives or neighbours. Here we come to your rescue with our brilliantly customizable gift cards plugin.

The Gift Cards is a multi-supported (Woocommerce and WordPress) plugin that is unique in its own way. It is a perfect solution for gift cards, rewards, promotions, fitness & wellness packages and event tickets that includes a variety of services. The merchant can create many gift card products or gift packages according to the fest and occasion with perfect prices.

Not only this, but the plugin also opens the door for you to sell any product, service or experience online using PDF gift cards that can be printed and redeemed in person.

Basic vouchers for events like ‘Birthday’, ‘Anniversary’, ‘New Year’, ‘ Valentine’s Day’ etc can be easily created. They largely reduce manual efforts because all you need to do is just select a template of your choice from available options, set your logo or event image and you are DONE! You see how simple is that!

Setup is very easy! One-click creation of the Gift Card product. Easily customized to suit your needs. check videos how it works

Now, this plugin is also WooCommerce compatible. So customers can redeem the vouchers in your WooCommerce store also.


Read out the highlights and features to explore what’s more this plugin has in store for you.

  • ONE FOR ALL – Allows customers to buy gift cards/vouchers much like any other product. Several customizable options: choosing card designs, assigning card values, writing personal messages in addition to offering regular product characteristics.
  • BOOST YOUR BUSINESS – Connects your online store with your on-the-ground business making life easier for your customers with great customer service.
  • WooCommerce COMPATIBLE – This plugin supports WooCommerce store. Customers can check their voucher balance from ‘My Account’ and redeem the voucher/package from the checkout page. Pro
  • BARCODE ON VOUCHERS – Show Barcode on vouchers and redeem at store easily. Pro
  • ADD COMMISSION – Can charge additional amount on every voucher order of customers. Pro
  • EXPIRATION DATES – Automatically set an expiration date according to your choice(fixed date or in days) based on the purchase date.
  • BALANCE ADJUSTMENTS – Perform balance adjustments in the admin area. Pro
  • CHECK BALANCE PAGE – A shortcode to let customers check their gift card balances. Pro
  • SAFER REDEMPTION – Convenient and secured modes for purchasing & payments. Proven valid and authentic gift cards (with coupon codes)that deliver your product or service on a later date at a physical location.
  • TRACKING – Powerful reporting and tracking features enable you to track the purchased voucher codes. Once the gift card is purchased, its further use can be tracked by the administrator through the unique gift card codes.
  • EASY DESIGNING – Design templates for different themes as ‘Birthday’, ‘New Year’, ‘Valentine’s day’, ‘Independence day’ etc.
  • POSTAL DELIVERY – You can accept postal orders for your gift cards. If you want, you can turn on the ability for your customers to buy your own printed gift cards/certificates. So you can send gift cards via post basis directly to the recipient.

Voucher Booking Forms
This plugin provides two sorts of voucher booking forms:
* Fixed Value Vouchers: Administrator can provide its customers with a certain set of fixed priced gift items.
* Custom Priced Vouchers:  Price of the vouchers can be defined as per one’s requirement.

check videos how it works

Main Plugin Features

Front end:

  • Create and design templates with your own logo according to the requirement( fest or occasion)
  • Customers can pick from a selection of templates uploaded by the admin and sorted by event (wedding, birth, Valentine’s day, birthday etc)
  • Redeem gift cards from WooCommerce checkout page
  • Customers can view coupon balance.
  • Curate your fixed price gift items according to the required services and products
  • Show and preview of gift card option available for the customers while they configure on the booking page
  • Email of the purchased  gift card/voucher is sent to the recipient on successful completion
  • Customization of customer’s/admin’s email template
  • Add colour themes and brand symbol/logo on the voucher
  • Add a message to be printed on the PDF  gift card/voucher.
  • Admin can configure post shipping options through postal delivery to customers
  • Redeem via unique auto-generated coupon codes
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations: Stripe, PayPal and Sofort Pay.
  • Invoice based payment solutions (Customer can pay directly to your bank after purchasing the voucher that is it gives the option of payment per invoice)
  • Allow customers to view a list of their gift cards used so far and show both the order on which they have been used and the available credit left.
  • Provides 3 varieties for voucher styles in PDF formats
  • Set voucher expiry (fixed date, days)
  • Remove Expiry date from vouchers
  • Hide Price from vouchers
  • Send customer receipt after successful order


  • View all gift orders.
  • Track the gift cards/vouchers whether they are used or paid orders
  • Add edit/delete/view to your voucher/card templates and gift items
  • View details of each gift card: full amount, credit left, associated gift-card order, orders on which it has been applied and the total spend it generated.
  • Create gift categories
  • Set your sender name, email, company name along with company details from plugin settings etc.
  • Enable multiple payment gateways

PREMIUM FEATURES of Gift cards Plugin

  • Barcode feature on vouchers
  • Additional Charges feature on every voucher order
  • Custom value redeem from backend feature
  • Check voucher balance page on backend
  • Create unlimited  gift items/packages with fixed price
  • Create unlimited gift item categories
  • Stripe with SCA-ready, PayPal (New checkout) and Sofort Payment Gateway Integration
  • 1-year support & updates included (Get 35% on renewal license)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Premium Live Demos

Do you want to discover all plugin features? Would you like to try it?

For easy understanding visit our demos from below links –

Gift Cards Demo
Copy this shortcode and paste it where you want the gift voucher form to appear; [wpgv_giftvoucher]

Gift Items/Packages Demo
Copy this shortcode and paste it where you want the gift item/package form appears; [wpgv_giftitems]

By accessing our testing platform, you will be able to discover all plugin features and test them as you prefer only in front-end mode.

For more information about the PREMIUM version of Gift Cards (Gift Vouchers and Packages) (WooCommerce Supported), visit the official page on

This plugin is already translated in Czech (Czech Republic), Danish, Deutsch, French, Hindi, Spanish and Swedish Languages

If you help us in translating this plugin in your language, It would be very helpful for us.
You can translate this plugin by clicking on the link here.


Please, read the official documentation of Gift Cards (Gift Cards and Packages) to learn more about all plugin features.


If you have suggestions about how to improve Gift Cards plugin, you can write to us.


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