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This plugin installs the free Google Tag Manager (GTM) on your WordPress website and writes website data into the data layer. With our plugin “Inpsyde Google Tag Manager” you no longer need to manually change the code in the theme as a user to use the Google Tag Manager. This is done by the plugin, so you can use Google Tag Manager easily and quickly.

The Google Tag Manager is a very helpful tool for website owners and very popular with both online marketing experts and newcomers. If you use Google Tag Manager correctly, it will help you optimize your website.

Easily install all of your marketing and analytics tools through the easy-to-use interface of the Google Tag Manager (GTM) by tagging them in your GTM container as tags or so-called “Code-Snippets”. In many cases you do not have to change the code of your website. The wait for the developer has an end.

Not only code snippets for marketing and analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Adwords can be managed through Google Tag Manager, but also any HTML or JavaScript snippets you want to run on your website.

In addition, the Google Tag Manager provides a so-called data layer, which is used to exchange data between your website and the GTM. For example, it could be stored in the Data Layer whether the visitor to your website is logged in or not. You could use this information to execute a tag (for example, the Google Analytics tag) only if the visitor is not logged in.

However, in order for the data to be written to the data layer, this usually needs to be programmed by a developer. And this is exactly where our plugin comes into play a second time and saves you the developer again. Because our plugin “Inpsyde Google Tag Manager” writes certain data for you in the Data Layer, if you want it. You will find out exactly what these are in the section “Data Layer Output”.

Note: Inpsyde Google Tag Manager requires PHP version 7.0 or higher – this is the WordPress Recommended PHP Version. More here.

Top use cases for Google Tag Manager

  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Capturing user interactions in Google Analytics such as clicks, submitting forms, scrolling, PDF downloads
  • Set up Adwords Conversion Tracking and Adwords Remarketing
  • Play pop-ups on website visitors depending on various factors, such as time spent on the page
  • Setting up Google Optimize for A/B Testing

Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing & Measurement!

Plugin Features

  • Installs the Google Tag Manager Container Code on your website.
  • The <noscript> tag can be inserted automatically or via hook (see FAQ).
  • Inserts the GTM container code according to Google’s current guidelines.
  • Output of data to the data layer, currently information about user and site, for details see section “Data Layer Outputs”.
  • Rename the dataLayer variable possible.
  • The data layer outputs can be turned on and off individually.
  • Login status of website visitors in the Data Layer recognizable.
  • Suitable for WordPress MultiSite

Data Layer Outputs


  • ID
  • Role (including output for non-logged in users)
  • Nickname
  • Description
  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-Mail
  • Url

Site info

  • Blog information:

    • Name
    • Description
    • Url
    • Charset
    • Language
  • MultiSite information:

    • ID
    • Network ID
    • Blog name
    • Site url
    • Home

Official Google Tag Manager Links


This plugin comes as it is and free as in speech, you can do whatever you want with it, but don’t expect free support or adjustments to your liking. If you need help, we are glad to help, if we have time to. Or you can hire us for your needs.

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