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Note: Just Writing now has beta support WordPress 4.1, please see further down this page for more details.

Distraction Free Writing (DFW) Mode is a great way to focus on writing text, but have you ever found yourself wanting to do a bit more with it? How about spell check, or change the paragraph style without dropping back to the standard post edit mode? Now you can get all the functionality of the standard mode tools in DFW!

But maybe you think there are too many buttons in DFW, no problem you can get rid of pretty much all of them!

Just Writing takes DFW from a great way to write to a great way of writing posts!

New Commands

This plugin adds the following optional commands to the toolbar in DFW:

* Address                   * Insert More Tag
* Align Full                * Insert Custom Character
* Align Left                * Outdent
* Align Right               * Paragraph
* Background Color          * Paste
* Block Quotes              * Paste as Text
* Copy                      * Paste from Word
* Cut                       * Preformatted
* Font                      * Preview
* Font Color                * Redo
* Font Size                 * Remove Formatting
* H1                        * Spellcheck
* H2                        * Strikethrough
* H3                        * Subscript
* H4                        * Superscript   
* H5                        * Underline
* H6                        * Undo
* Indent                

More Features

* Option to remove the fade effect and keep the toolbar visible
* Option to hide or lighten the border on the title/body areas
* Option to hide the word count
* Option to hide the editor mode bar
* Option to center the toolbar on screen
* Adds an optional Preview button to the right of the Save button
* Moves the exit link to the right of the new Preview 
  button as a real button
* Re-orders the button list to make more sense
* Per-user preferences for enabling Just Writing
* Per-user preferences for which buttons to display
* Option to start in DFW for new posts
* Option to start in DFW when editing posts
* Option to add a DFW link to the pages/posts list to go directly to DFW
* Adds spell check field to the post title so your browser will spell check it for you
* Browser full screen mode now support

WordPress 4.1+ Support

DFW in WP4.1 is a completely different than previous versions and Just Writing takes a completely different approach to it. Instead of adding buttons and features to WordPress’s built in DFW, Just Writing adds a new “Writing” mode to WordPress.

“Writing” mode closely matches the old DFW from previous version of WordPress but has all the features of Just Writing.

There are a few differences however:

* Switching between the edit page and writing mode, unlike the old DFW, requires a full page load.
* There are a few hard coded pieces around, so there may be some weird effects with non-english languages.
* Support for full meta data editing inside of Writing mode.
* Closing and re-arranging postboxes in the meta area are not saved between sessions.


This code is released under the GPL v2, see license.txt for details.


  • add second row to toolbar, remove individual style buttons


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