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Contact Forms, Post Forms for User Generated Content and Registration Forms easily build in minutes. Step by step with an easy to use Form Wizard. Ideal for User Submitted Posts. Extendable with Addons!

Best WordPress form builder for frontend-publishing – no coding required.

A simple yet powerful Form Builder. Contact, Register and POST FORMS. Ideal for User Submitted Content. A Form Builder for beginners with drag and drop, ready-to-use form templates and full control over user submitted content (receive, collect, process and publish it). For developers & advanced level, benefit from filters and fully customizable forms that enables you to do whatever you need.

BuddyForms has proven to be an invaluable plugin for communities and networks. With simple forms it is very easy to encourage members, users and community to contribute and engage with your site. This makes the plugin priceless valuable as it supports organic traffic to your site.

GDPR compliant WordPress form builder

BuddyForms comes out of the box GDPR compliant plugin. We’ve used the time, to improve our data protection even more. What we’ve done so far:

  • Consent Checkbox – a new form element has been added to give you an easy option to collect the consent for your user-generated form.
  • Right to access & to be forgotten – if your users want to get access to their data, you can easily show it with BuddyForms on the front-end. They even have the opportunity to change or delete their data from the front-end.
  • Privacy by Design – With BuddyForms our goal is it to make you the boss of your data. From the beginning, we’ve made it a major priority, that you store your data on your own server.

In other words, BuddyForms is 100% approved to be GDPR compliant. The content is saved in on your WordPress hoster either as a post (post & post_meta table) or user data (user & user_meta table).

Try the new version of BuddyForms today

Features of BuddyForms Form Builder

  • Customize your custom forms via Drag and Drop or benefit from our pre-configured forms
  • Choose between over 20 field types (text, numbers, check boxes, buttons, comments, media files, post status, taxonomies, CAPTCHA, …)
  • Set custom validation rules to prevent users from submitting false data
  • Full moderation control of the submitted content by predefining the status: pending, draft, published
  • Define what happens after a user submits content (display a submission message, displaying the page content, redirecting to a specific URL)
  • Submit your form by reloading the page or asynchronously with AJAX
  • Select which kind of content is submitted: page, post, attachment or no specific
  • Easily embed forms anywhere on your site via shortcodes or create a new form straight from your admin bar
  • Enable/Disable comments related to the submitted content
  • Enable/Disable Frontend Revision for users
  • Choose if unregistered users are able to see and submit content via forms or not
  • Control who can create, edit and delete content that is created from a form and even prevent 404 error messages when a published post is set back to draft mode
  • Set-up email notifications to notify admins when content is submitted
  • Set-up email notifications to notify users when their content gets published or changes status (published, awaiting review, draft, scheduled, privately published, deleted, editing draft, awaiting moderation)
  • Featured Image Upload for Unregistered Users
  • Drop Zone File Upload of any file Type for Unregistered Users
  • Overwrite the WordPress default Registration Form and Page
  • Create registation funnels and ask to create a password after click on the activation link.
  • User registration & user profile. Front-end login, user registration and edit profile.
  • Create author profiles and list all author posts.
  • Create forms for any kind of user generated content

Typical Use-Cases that our users create with BuddyForms

  • Post Forms for Blog Posts – Follow your editorial schedule and keep your blog up-to-date by collecting content from different authors
  • Online Directories – Crowdsource categorized data from your community
  • Showcase – Present your recent work or let clients showcase their use-cases built with your product or tool
  • News Magazines – Create single articles through collaborative writing among a team of editors
  • How-to’s – Gather a learning community around you, let users share their knowledge and engage discussions on your site
  • Marketplace – Sell and purchase products from different vendors and list all the product features
  • Content Forms for any kind of user generated content, user submitted posts

Other more basic use Cases with our Form Builder

Most of the time you just want a simple form to collect leads or other data. This is also really simple with BuddyForms. You can create:
* Contact Forms – Collect leads and customer support data
* Registration Forms – Sign-up users to your webpage
* Profile Forms – Let your user update there profile information.
* Login Forms – Grant users access to restricted content

1. Contact Forms

  • Create Custom Contact Forms for your Brand and Business in Minutes
  • Prevent users from submitting false data by setting custom validation rules on your forms

2. Registration Forms

  • Overwrite the WordPress Registration Form.
  • Redirect to a Custom Registration Page
  • Redirect your users to a custom location page or form if they click the activation link.
  • Combine Registration and Post forms and redirect your user to the Post Form after Registration.

Form Wizard for any Form Type with easy to follow Steps.


  • Contact Full Name
    First Name, Last Name, Email, Subject, Message

  • Contact Simple
    Your Name, Your Email, Your Message

  • User Support
    First Name, Last Name, Support Type, Subject, Email, Message


  • Become a Vendor
    Username, eMail, Password, Shop Name, PayPal E-mail (required), Seller Info, Shop description

  • Registration Full Name
    Username, First Name, Last Name, eMail, Password

  • Registration Profile
    Username, First Name, Last Name, Bio, Website, eMail, Password

  • Registration Simple
    Username, eMail, Password


  • Post Form All Fields
    Title, Content, Categories, Tags, Featured Image

  • Post Simple
    Title, Content, User eMail

  • WC Grouped Product
    Title, Content, WooCommerce, Product Gallery, FeaturedImage
    Dependencies: WooCommerce, BuddyForms WooElements

  • WC Product All Fields
    Title, Content, WooCommerce, Product Gallery, FeaturedImage
    Dependencies: WooCommerce, BuddyForms WooElements

  • WC Simple Auction
    Title, Content, WooCommerce, Product Gallery, FeaturedImage
    Dependencies: WooCommerce, BuddyForms WooElements, BuddyForms Simple Auction, WC Simple Auctions

  • WC Simple Product
    Title, Content, WooCommerce, Product Gallery, FeaturedImage
    Dependencies: WooCommerce, BuddyForms WooElements

BuddyForms Integration

BuddyForm works great with other Plug-Ins. Enhance its capabilities with the following
* BuddyPress – Enable all publishing features of BuddyForms in BuddyPress
* Ultimate Member – Submit and manage posts from your Ultimate Member profile
* WooCommerce – Build your own marketplace with user-submitted products
* WooCommerce Simple Auctions – Create and manage auctions via front end
* Advanced Custom Fields – Integrate Advanced Custom Fields in your forms like native BuddyForms form elements
* Posts 2 Posts – Efficient many-to-many connections between posts, pages, custom post types, users.
* WC Vendors – BuddyPress WooCommerce Vendors integrates WC Vendors with BuddyPress and enables your vendors to use BuddyForms to create and manage their Products

Videos about BuddyForms

Why BuddyForms is the best Frontend-Publishing Plugin – BuddyForms Trailer


Contact Forms

Registration Forms

Post Forms

Integration with BuddyPress or Ultimate Member

BuddyPress Integration

Ultimate Member Integration

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Supported Frontend Form Types

  • Contact Form
  • Content Form
  • Post Form
  • Registration Form
  • Custom Form to submit images or any media
  • Post Submission and Post Management from the frontend
  • Product Form for WooCommerce
  • Any Frontend Form Type
  • Post Meta Forms
  • User Meat Forms
  • Profile Forms for normal WordPress User Data
  • Profile Forms with BuddyPress xProfile Support

Form Builder Features

  • Drag and Drop Forms Builder
  • Form Designer to Layout your forms with options and custom css
  • Form Grid to sort form elements in a grid
  • Forms Manager and Submission Manager. Find All Forms and there submissions in one place. Post Forms Registration or Contact Forms

User Submitted Content

  • Let your user-submit the content. User generated content is the easy and effective why to get unique content on your site.
  • crowdsourced content will bring your community members user-generated content to the next level
  • Frontend generated content made possible with Endpoints and ShortCodes for easy access

Forms Creation in easy steps.

  • Form Creation step by step with easy to use form creator wizard
  • Form Administration with an easy to use form manager user roles and capabilities in the form builder

Free Field Types

Contact Fields

  • Subject
  • Message
  • User Fields
  • Username
  • User eEmail
  • User First Name
  • User Last Name
  • Password
  • Website
  • About / Bio
  • Date
  • Captcha

Post Fields

  • Title
  • Content
  • Text, Textarea
  • Number
  • Dropdown, Select
  • Radiobutton
  • Checkbox

Pro Field Types

  • Category
  • Tags
  • Taxonomy
  • Post Formats
  • Comments
  • Post Status
  • Featured Image
  • File
  • Hidden
  • HTML
  • Date
  • and more coming all the time

Also more Fields available by Add-Ons

Submit Issues – Contribute

  • Pull request are welcome. BuddyForms is community driven and developed on Github

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If you still get stuck somewhere, our support gets you back on the right track. You can find all help buttons in your BuddyForms Settings Panel in your WP Dashboard and the Help Center!


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