Fundamentals of Architectures for Web Application Development with WordPress

It is quite logical at this spore of time to briefly touch frameworks, foundations and web applications.


Framework is an abstraction set to tools that generally provide all the necessary functionalities without much detailed know-hows for developers. Frameworks are reusable, consistent and usually backward compatible across incremental versions.

Framework is...

Introduction to Web Application Development with WordPress

WordPress, a fork from b2/cafelog, was released in May, 2003 by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Since the debut, WordPress has accomplished an incredible journey, evolved from a simple blogging (web-log) platform to a complete CMS (Content Management System) with custom theming and plugin capabilities. It continued to enrich functionalities beyond a mere CMS. Over the years, Wor...

WordPress Web Application Development

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System ever built. The modularity approach of content creation, management and presentation made people wonder, why not build web applications with WordPress. It appears that, WordPress always supported the idea behind the scene and incorporated many features that are beyond CMS, but easily could be harnessed in developing modern web applicati...