checked( mixed $checked, mixed $current = true, bool $echo = true )

Outputs the html checked attribute.

Description Description

Compares the first two arguments and if identical marks as checked

Parameters Parameters


(mixed) (Required) One of the values to compare


(mixed) (Optional) (true) The other value to compare if not just true

Default value: true


(bool) (Optional) Whether to echo or just return the string

Default value: true

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Return Return

(string) html attribute or empty string

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Source Source

File: wp-includes/general-template.php

function checked( $checked, $current = true, $echo = true ) {
	return __checked_selected_helper( $checked, $current, $echo, 'checked' );

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
1.0.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by Codex


    // Get an array of options from the database.
    $options = get_option( 'slug_option' );
    // Get the value of this option.
    $checked = $options['self-destruct'];
    // The value to compare with (the value of the checkbox below).
    $current = 1; 
    // True by default, just here to make things clear.
    $echo = true;
    <input name="slug-option[self-destruct]" value="1"
    	<?php checked( $checked, $current, $echo ); ?>/>

    Testing the value with if():

    <input type='checkbox' name='options[postlink]' value='1'
    	<?php if ( 1 == $options['postlink'] ) echo 'checked="checked"'; ?> />

    Using checked() instead:

    <input type="checkbox" name="options[postlink]" value="1"
    	<?php checked( $options['postlink'], 1 ); ?> />

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