Display the post excerpt for the feed.

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File: wp-includes/feed.php

function the_excerpt_rss() {
	$output = get_the_excerpt();
	 * Filters the post excerpt for a feed.
	 * @since 1.2.0
	 * @param string $output The current post excerpt.
	echo apply_filters( 'the_excerpt_rss', $output );

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0.71 Introduced.

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    Contributed by Codex


    To create a custom feed that takes a GET parameter on a URL (e.g., place something like the following in your particular feed file to send an excerpt (the_excerpt_rss()) instead of the full content (the_content()):

    if isset( $_GET['type'] ) ) {
    	$typewanted = sanitize_text_field( $_GET['type'] );
    if ( $typewantd == 'excerpt' ) {
    	// Wrap the Excerpt in a span tag for CSS styling
    	echo '<span class="excerpt">'; 
    	echo '</span>';
    } else {  
    	// Otherwise they want the full content so wrap it in another span
    	echo '<span class="content">';
    	echo '</span>';

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