update_user_meta( int $user_id, string $meta_key, mixed $meta_value, mixed $prev_value = '' )

Update user meta field based on user ID.

Description Description

Use the $prev_value parameter to differentiate between meta fields with the same key and user ID.

If the meta field for the user does not exist, it will be added.

Parameters Parameters


(int) (Required) User ID.


(string) (Required) Metadata key.


(mixed) (Required) Metadata value.


(mixed) (Optional) Previous value to check before removing.

Default value: ''

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Return Return

(int|bool) Meta ID if the key didn't exist, true on successful update, false on failure.

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Source Source

File: wp-includes/user.php

function update_user_meta( $user_id, $meta_key, $meta_value, $prev_value = '' ) {
	return update_metadata( 'user', $user_id, $meta_key, $meta_value, $prev_value );

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
3.0.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by Codex

    how to check for errors

    $user_id = 1;
    $new_value = 'some new value';
    // Will return false if the previous value is the same as $new_value.
    $updated = update_user_meta( $user_id, 'some_meta_key', $new_value );
    // So check and make sure the stored value matches $new_value.
    if ( $new_value != get_user_meta( $user_id,  'some_meta_key', true ) ) {
    	wp_die( __( 'An error occurred', 'textdomain' ) );

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